forecast/forever kingdom.

Days when every reflection comes back in soft relief. When you can stand and the world doesn’t feel quite as weak beneath your feet.

We form a forest out of free falling words. The weather begins where the verses end.

An inscription on many scrolls reads Omnia Vanitas (“All is Vanity”), a quote from the Latin translation of the Book of Ecclesiastes.

The phrase originally referred not to obsession with one’s appearance, but to the ultimate fruitlessness of man’s efforts in this world.

Can you feel the wind? It gives without witness.

The horizon is a cut open hole. The horizon is a flat oval. The horizon is hardly noticeable. The horizon is an hour glass. The horizon is a hole in the sky. The horizon is a hole in the ground. The horizon is a hopeless shelter.

An uncanny valley is a versatile paradise/paradox. What makes you feel most afraid? What now?

The etymological origins of ‘gibberish’ remain mysterious. Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language (1755) popularised a folk-etymology connecting ‘gibberish’ with ‘chymical cant’, technical terms of alchemy and science.

The truth is much more ordinary: ‘gibberish’ probably comes from ‘gibber’, one of a clutch of verbs such as ‘gobble’, ‘gabber’, ‘jabber’ and ‘gab’ that imitate the sound of unintelligible babbling.

Felix culpa. The paradox of the fortunate fall.

Darkness is the collapse of chaos. For want of a nail won’t apply. The coherent structure is stripped of purpose, it is a singularity of systems broken.

You mistake my desires for solutions, the answers were here all the time. Vanity is whose favorite sin? What percentage of human kind?

“A kind of an innocence that’s either kind of desperately clung onto or obviously lost.”

Only a very smart part of the afterlife is yours alone. You sit under a cemetery on top of a hill, watching two dragonflies fucking in mid-flight.

Don’t forget, the corpse is a lonely hunter too. This anatomy is a promise no body ever gets to keep.

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