the chimerical metrics.

Hospital grew chicken legs and ran into the woods. Heartbreak was no longer considered a credible option.

Stuck on earth for so many days.  Migration in full decay, early gains undone by adherence to precedent.

Don’t become the things you hated all along.


The face is of limited relevance to the digital world.

We become integers and magnets.  We become temporary apologies.  We become sleepless in circles.

Home is where the moat won’t show.

Hagfish can eat by simply sitting inside a corpse and absorbing nutrients directly through their skin and gills.

Their skin is actually more efficient at absorbing nutrients than their own intestines.

We rehearsed concussions in the corners of our beds. We didn’t have a plan or point of purpose, it was the best we could do.

We weren’t used to being held responsible for healthy losses, today and yesterday they were supposed to be the same again.

The one who looks controls the world.  The staring is the thief of consciousness.

Health settings ranked from most helpful to least.  Some areas are doing great and some are doing terrible.  Is testing getting better or is the hospital still running towards the woods?

In dreams, you cut here.

Castle Bravo nuclear test, 1954: the blast was so bright that men were able to see their bones appear as shadows beneath their own flesh

I have a nightmare, I get half the afterlife I ever wanted.

White sky in the eye of an empty eclipse.  A reflection of simple particles and positions.

For instance, bullet points become blueprints for behavior.

Smile looks like a thin scar sunk in rotting wood.  Face in your thirties, already a tree trunk coffin.

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