uncanny valley (ruins) / hospital 4

Stared at me like I was missing a part of my face.  Or as if I was wearing two faces, tells on top of tells.

An uncanny valley of obvious giveaways, past lives practically in plain sight.  Canyons for shadow, cheeks covered by makeup and clay, eyes close enough to crater me.

I watched you blink deeply, roll over your irises, blanket your gaze.

I wanted to understand what scared you first (an avalanche of recency bias, a whole life spent in an empty room, feelinglessness in your face and fingertips). 

How you could forget where I left myself in that valley too?

Extinct already, first and last of no one’s kind.  There are certain things you ought to know by now.

At least ask.

2 thoughts on “uncanny valley (ruins) / hospital 4

  1. I plan to write the story “Transgendroid Sexsassins” about two androids, existing in a world full of androids, whose function is to change their forms when necessary and have sex with, and sometimes destroy, certain powerful men. There would be two narrators, arguing with each other, and competing to tell the story from their own perspectives.


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